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business, all segments of our business and all geographic areas. so it's very comprehensive. >> toyota is a big brand for the autonation brand. clearly that was taken out of the mix in february. how did it behave in march and what dow expect from the toyota brand for autonation. >> well, what we saw with this crisis was that the fundamental trust and confidence that toyota customers had in the brand and the product toyota remained. and the american people are very forgiving. but they would like a gesture. so we communicated to toyota at the end of february that some level of incentive was appropriate considering the circumstances. and they came with a very nice program. and toyota customers responded dramatically to it. for us, our toyota business was up 38% in march compared to a year ago. >> how have your ford dealers been behaving. >> ford's done very well, up 40% for the entire quarter so it's very impressive number. ford accrued a dramatic brand goodwill from the american people by not taking a government bailout. then they had extraordinary products there ready and waiting. becau
there and obviously, no delays. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, buy right the first time. toyota, moving forward. >> well, don and marty and everyone. we're live at growl's markets. come on over. this is, coming up this weekend, that's the growl's fight cancer day. this is an amazing event and fundraiser. how did all of this start. >> well, my grandfather passed away from cancer ten years ago and we wanted to raise money for a good cause. >> well, of course, you have a lot of things going on. we're donating 5% of the sales and tons of out door events and the proceeds go to acs. we raised 430,000 over the last 30 years. that's incredible. $54,000 last year, congratulations. thank you, and thank you for supporting us. we appreciate you being here. we want to talk to don from the american cancer society. hi, good morning. where does all of the money go. >> it goes to the patient services and programs. anything locally we can offer, emotional groups and lodging, that's where the money goes. hi, kate. >> hello. . >> how are you doing? >>> just wonderful. >> we have great raffles going
by a massive toyota recalled. >>> you can soon learn more about your facebook friends and their but searching programs. and the program lets you pull information about the websites the person visits. that will show up on other sites. there are concerns that this integration will reduce privacy. >> heather locklear is in trouble with the law again. she was arrested after she had a traffic sign and left the scene. this happened at 4:00 in the morning. the actress was cited for misdemeanor hit and run. her attorney says she may not have been at the wheel. she is currently in serving a three-year probation for thank you -- for dui. >>> check out this video of it tornado russian across texas. minor damage has been reported and nobody was injured. >> everything is big in texas. >> more this weekend down there. the rain cleared out on schedule. the skies cleared and the fog started forming. a little bit of everything. start with howard university. a high of 55 -- of 59. about one-third of an inch of rainfall reported today. a bit cooler in frederick. it is down to 48 in leesburg. heavy clouds and pe
on sunday lingering into monday. >>> the toyota sports desk is brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >>> the nfl draft. >> expect the unexpected. this could be a wild ride. mike shanahan and bruce allen are being very quiet. i am told that the redskins are trying to work out a deal for an offensive tackle from the saints. the redskins may have a chance to get sam bradford with the fourth pick. he is smart and has a cannon. we do know that the redskins have vetted every one of these guys. the redskins need an offensive tackle badly. a tennessee safety has been mentioned. a fourth pick for a db is not going to happen. there was wild speculation about the st. louis rams for the number 1 pick. >> history will tell you there is not much trading in the top four picks. we looked at it and number of different ways but in reset years, there is not a lot of movement up there. >> because of that fog, the capitals did not arrive at bwi until the wee hours this morning. they got home about 5:30 a.m. and cancel practice. take a look at what they are talking about in canada.
gains we had yesterday. we had toyota in focus yesterday. moody's cutting the, elsewhere in shanghai, the composite, 1.1% lower. we're seeing more measures, fresh measures by the government to cut circulation. that is weighing on the index there. the hang seng down 0.3%. in south korea, the kospi sliding 0.4%. the bombay sensex rising to the up side, up 1.3%. and the australian market down almost 1%. how is all this impacting the ftse cnbc global 3 hunl index? let's check to see how that is faring in light of what's happening in the equity market. we are waiting for it to come up. just give us a little bit of time so far. nicole, it is one of those things on a thursday morning. what can i say? >> i like to call it a friday eve, christine. it makes it sounds a little better. regardless of the charts, let's take a look at what we're seeing in the united states. lower across the board with dow futures down about 8 below fair value right now. excuse me. they are a little bit lower, actually. so are nasdaq futures and s&p 500 futures. we have about 100 of the s&p 500 companies reportsing
. the numbers reflect toyota's fading reputation after a massive recall of millions of vehicles. but analysts say it also shows a growing respect for ford. its reputation revived because it did not accept the taxpayer bailout whale make a better, more fuel efficient car. gm says they are designing and producing best cars they've ever produced. rising sales allowed them to repay their loan years ahead of schedule. >> people are buying chevrolet. they are buying buick. they are buying gmc and they are buying cadillac and they are buying because third party experts agree our quality, our value, our design and our performance are rapidly improving. >> this survey was conducted in march when toyota's recall schedule was in the news. then only 15% of those polled said toyota make the best car. that is town from 25% in 2006. in washington, brian wilson, fox news. >>> speaking of money, ben frank lynn get august bit of a make over. we are talking about the benjamins in your wallet. >> the $100 bill is getting a new look. bad news for counterfeiters. we'll show you the changes coming up next. >>> welc
crash involving his toyota killed another driver. tonight a key piece of evidence could turn this case on its head. will? >> reporter: american idol is giving back raising millions of dollars. tonight we're with the reigning idol champ who's giving back too. >> fox 5 news is just getting started. >>> alarming accusations of abuse at a maryland middle school. students' families accusing a teacher's aide beating up a mentally handicapped teenager and the principal covering it all up. >> reporter: the 14-yard mentally disabled student was playing in the gym at oxon hill middle school when his family says he was beaten by an out of control teacher's aide. >> but for whatever reason, the teacher's aide picked up this ball, slammed it into the face of the student, proceeded to throw him into the bleachers not once but twice. >> a family spokesperson says fellow teachers and students screamed for him to stop. the boy has the mental capacity of a 6-year-old. williams says the aide identified as mr. davis struck the boy again, even after the boy was restrained by another teacher. >> he comes ar
be shooting the lights out. i mean, it's like look out, lights! plus, with toyota speeding up and falling over, i mean, what are they doing -- falling over and -- let's take that off the road. ford is practically starved for competition. memo to staff. i think we should put the company's ceo, alan mulally, the brilliant turnaround artist who also saved boeing, on the $100 bill. the new benjamin. the alan. now, even though ford sales are way up, in the end this is a balance sheet business. and when the ratings agencies see the quarter next tuesday, i think they're going to go all lady gaga and get on the telephone to raise their ratings. allowing ford to borrow more cheaply around the globe. hey, how about sallie mae? let's take that one while we're talking. we recommended that as 2009 speculative stock of the year like we did huntington banc this year. it was at $6.61 on june 5th. it's now at $13.12. that's a 9% gain. we always tell to you listen to the conference calls, and today's wells fargo conference call said the student loan market is red hot. i would have thought people would have put
. >> have you sold a toyota recently and if so, did it just peel out of the lot and then roll over on itself immediately or what happened? >> that's a very irreverent remark, joe. >> irresponsible. go ahead. >> both of those. in march our toyota business on unit volume was up an astounding 38%. so what i always said through the whole crisis was that what we saw on the showroom floor was the fundamental confidence and trust in toyota remained. they needed at the end of the day to come with an incentive program to deal with the situation. i asked for that. i supported that. it was the right thing to do. it continues into april. toyota will come through this and it will cost them economically but as far as their position in the market, they're going to be able to maintain it. we also saw a revival of the domestic business in the first quarter led by ford motor company. so this is broad based automotive recovery under way and you can now say unequivocally with these results in the first quarter. >> looking there at the chart. hard to believe. $3 handle in october of '08 on autonation. we've come
in the east, here's a quick look at stories we're watching for, you the imprompt has ordered sales of toyota core olas be suspended in parts of brazil because of the risk of sudden acceleration, the government says suspension will remain in effect until toyota changes the floor mat on all core olas believed by some to be responsible for the problem. >>> dozens of people hurt when a carnival cruise ship takes a very sharp turn, the operator of the shirp, ecstasy, swerved to avoid a buoy adrift near the yucatan peninsula. two domestic carriers considering a possible merger, now, however, both airlines say that's off the table. >>> they were public enemies number one and two in the economic meltdown but when president obama called for strict new regulations on the financial sector today, fannie mae and freddie mac were all but absent from the discussion. so are they really getting a free pass, as we decide to crack down on all the fat cats? jim angle is live in washington. hey jim. >> reporter: hey. with lookso toe looks like they will, they are left out all together and plenty of critics are n
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eyewitness news. >> the house has lead passed its own version of financial overhaul legislation. >>> toyota's continuing problems and recalls is having a significant effect on the opinions of u.s. car owners. according to a survey by the associated press, more americans believe u.s. automakers produce better cars than their asian counterparts. this reverses a long-standing trend. in 2006, 46% of those surveyed believed the best vehicles were made in asia, while just 25% preferred american vehicles. >>> in wjz healthwatch, how a woman's weight gain affects her risk of breast cancer. which a woman's body mass increase in middle age, it nearly doubles her risk of breast cancer. the cause may be linked to estrogen, produced in the extra body fat. >>> also in healthwatch, children with asthma who live and play in high-traffic areas have substantially more emergency room visits than other children with asthma. the 11-year study determined ozone was a main cause. along with pollution, caused by automobiles. >>> this year is part of wjz's continuing community commitment. wjz is a proud sponsor of r
. eurozone debt, strains and rising trade protectionism. >>> and the hits just keep on coming for toyota. moody's investors service lowering its long-term debt rating for the world's largest automaker. the firm predicts low profit levels for toyota. they cannot buy a break lately. >> no. >>> and as we wait on the latest read in the housing market with existing home sales due at the top of the hour, which is obviously in about five minutes, a glimmer of good news in the apartment area. u.s. apartment vacancy rates have stopped rising. rents have seen a modest increase in the first quarter. joining us to talk about how the markets will react to that, rod petrick with stifel nicolaus, also a real estate analyst. rod, interesting, some, you know, a hedge fund manager was on the show the other day saying apartments are the way to go because as the markets recover, people forced to live at home or with extended family, they're going to go out and rent before they buy. so, this would be consistent with overall economic improvement, wouldn't it? >> absolutely. occupancies are already high with t
and killed three people. his case is among a number gaining new attention because of toyota's safety problems. >>> 5:37 is your time. 51 degrees. the criticism is now erupting. >> who's questioning the decision to ground flights because of the volcano in iceland. >>> a high-powered politician could be called to testify in the ethics investigation into eric massa. >>> a check of weather and traffic coming up next. >>> wow, take a live look at this. this is 540, 51 degrees, this is virginia. you can barely see what's out there. it's a lovely picture indeed. there goes a car. i think it will be tough for cars to get around this morning because of the visibility, it's so low. >> at first i thought that was the monster from "lost." could have been. >>> let's go to tom kierein. >> visibility in rural areas are down to near zero but closer to washington, visibility has improved. reagan national a mile and a quarter. andrews air force base visibility is at 4 miles. shenandoah valley chilly and near 40. from the blueridge to the bay, we're in the low 50s. now 52 in washington. highs after sunshine bre
of vehicular homicide might be the victim of a toyota manufacturing glitch. a new inspection of the vehicle shows there might have been a problems problem with the cruise control in his 1996 camry. he said he tried to slow down and he couldn't. the accident killed three people. but prosecutors maintain the car did not have a cruise control on any recall lists. >>> a drop in motorcycle accidents last year and it's due to the economy not helmet laws. 5200 deaths were reported in 2008. the study found a 10% drop in 2009. the study's author think it is due to a cutback in recreational driving because the economy was tighter. >>> it's supposed to protect computers from viruses and other programs but mcafee software was the culprit yesterday instead. it posted an update and that made the software identify a normal windows file as a virus. so computers and hospitals, schools and companies kept rebooting. mcafee has posted a new update to eliminate the problem. >>> 8:25 on this thursday morning. coming up, we'll check out other stories making headlines this morning. >>> and then of course we rememb
for clunkers and toyota's pr nightmare helped a bit. mostly it was bankruptcy which lightened their financial burdens like bloated union pensions. a line of well-reviewed vehicles in the pipeline for years is finally catching on with the public. and with the bailout came a massive shakeup in management. >> general motors has undergone a revolution in its top management. because they don't have loyalties to the past they can go in with fresh ideas. >> reporter: when ed whitacre took over he soon fired most of the general managers, replacing them with innovators from places like silicon valley. >> we invite you to take a look at the new gm. >> reporter: and now the star of their new commercials must convert momentum into money. because general motors still owes america $45 billion. that is how much stock we, the taxpayers, now own. but if gm can stay on this path and start making real money the treasury can sell a lot of that stock in the next few years and maybe make most of that money back, and then both presidents bush and obama can take credit for saving hundreds of thousands of jobs at a c
at higher speed. they tested a toyota camry at 65 miles an hour and found out that ac burned only slightly more energy than having the windows open, because having the windows open creates more drag and ruins energy efficientlisy. >>> what if you could create tomorrow's hybrid from the shells of yesterday's gas guzzlers. a company called alt-e out of michigan has a way to do it and expired warranties aren't a preference. jeff defrank is the co-founder and chief technology officer for alt-e. he's joining us live from farmingtfarm farming hills, michigan, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> what kind of old cars? what kind of shame do they have to be in? who do you get them from? what do they cost? tell me all that. >> we're looking at light commercial vehicles like pickup trucks and vans. and we'll take the things about 5 to 10 years old, and so they are newer vehicles and maybe they are off warranty so they have between 36,000, 50,000 miles on it, where they still have a bit of life left. you know, oftentimes these commercial vehicles will run for 200,000 miles plus. >> so, you're t
the threats to general motors, they weren't talking about toyota or nissan or bmw. their biggest problem, ford. >> yeah. >> so we once again have american companies competing against american companies. >> with all the kind of complaints we have about lack of innovation and growth, this is a nice, bright spot. >> the other good news. electi the lexus rolls over. >> pat! >> stop it. >> pat! terrible. i'm moving on. >> you're happy about that, pat. next you're going to hope that bmws, when they get tapped in the back, they blow up. >> accelerator sticks, come on. >> sometimes you don't say what you're thinking, pat. >>> the coast guard is searching the waters off louisiana this morning, looking for 11 oil workers after an explosion rocked an offshore oil rig late tuesday night. authorities are holding out, hope the workers escaped in one of the platforms-covered life boats. 17 other workers were injured in this explosion. four are in critical condition. we'll follow that. >>> and about 80% of flights are operating at europe's biggest airports after nearly a week of disruptions from volcanic ash
when hard work, careful planning and toyotas rolling over and crashing into trees can do for you >> gmc was in brupankruptcy reorganization last night. >>> ben roethlisberger learned his fate from the nfl and it's going to cost him millions of dollars. here's rafer weigel. >> that fateful night going to be having a long-term effect on roethlisberger even if it didn't get haim rested or charged. he became the first player ever under commissioner roger goodell to be suspended without being arrested or charged but the commissioner says he holds his players to a higher standard and roethlisberger's behavior does not fit that model. six games, that was his suspension, that could cost him an estimated $2.8 million, they could knock it down to four for good behavior. there's rumors unsubstantiated the team is looking to trade him, get him out of there hopefully trying to get a top ten pick for tonight's draft. those are just rumors. >>> joe torre has bigger dreams than leading his team to the world series. his horse, homeboy chris which he co-owns is expected to race in the kentucky derby at t
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)